Nicholas is a Malaysia nationality’s photographer who base in Shanghai, China since 2007. In year 2002, he started his career as an assistant photographer in Kuala Lumpur.  Two years later, he joint one of larger commercial studio “STUDIO ROM” as a junior photographer.

Mid of 2006, he decided to leave his country for Singapore to join studio “A-Pixel”. The following year in 2007, he was appointed to Shanghai branch as a photographer post.

In addition to serving commercial photography, Nicholas also did some initiative/pro bono photo shooting for charity purpose. For example, advocates of family’s caring “Isolated Keyboard”, appealed to world peace “Frozen Bullets”. Again with latest work “Water” for caring mountain children and road safety “ROAD SMS”charity campaign.

马来西亚国籍的摄影师Nicholas自2007年开始就常驻在上海工作。从2002年起开始了他的广告摄影事业。他在吉隆坡当时数一数二的摄影公司“Studio Rom”任职初级摄影师几年后,于2006年离开了自己的国家到新加坡加入了“A PIXEL”摄影公司寻找更大的发展空间。隔年2007年,他被新加坡公司委派到上海分行出任摄影师一职。2008年中旬, Nicholas 开始成为一个独立的自由摄影师.

在服务于商业广告拍摄之外, Nicholas 也不忘给一些慈善公益广告拍摄, 比如提倡家庭成员关爱的《隔离的键盘》,呼吁世界和平的《停止的子弹》,再有最新的关怀山区小孩的饮水《活水》及道路安全的《马路短讯》公益拍摄活动。